Thursday, 17 March 2016

This is Scottish Nationalism, is this really what you want Scotland to be like ?

"Scotland is the only case in the world where the poor part of a territory wants to separate from the rich part."

"Ay, they’re all racists down there, not like us Scots. If there are two things I detest it’s racism and the English"
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------This is Scottish Nationalism, much of it simply hate for the English very often based on having past Irish family heritage and senseless foundless bigotry. 

No, its not you complete idiot

We want Independence now says WingsoverScotland worshipper who lives in Hull England himself.

Clearly a complete utter clown  , Scotland does Not pay for any of these things


Always strange to see these paedophile haters don't know how SNP MSP's in Holyrood tried to bring in a bill to protect Paedophiles themselves


Yet a great many who are even listed on this page actually live in England and have done for most of their lives


Oh no not  that well worn Trope again



Ignoring those Holyrood paedophile lovers again ?



The peadophile infactuation again 



"Wings over Scotland" seen above deliberately trying to deceive on "Whisky Export Tax" as  seen clearly on the Scottish Governments own website.    
                                                                                                                                                                Q: What is the value of revenue collected from Whisky Export Duty allocated to Scotland?

A: Exports, including exports of whisky, do not attract UK duty. Therefore, no 'whisky export duty' revenue is allocated to Scotland in GERS.

More info on Whisky Export Tax here  ========================================================================

So is Scottish Nationalism really all about religion after all ?

 Why on earth are Nationalists attacking Murdoch ?  Don't they know Murdoch has been a supporter of the SNP for a long time and Sturgeon met him in Secret to avoid SNP followers finding out about it ?   Read more here     and  more also here .

Read about "When Murdoch met Salmond here  


How SNP Nationalism is spread via a deliberate network of Lies and people willing to spin them