Thursday, 17 March 2016

Various Facts, Costs and other collected Information about Trident

The SNP and their nationalists are against nuclear weapons but they would want a separated Scotland to be a member of NATO and thus benefit from its nuclear umbrella - they are against the United Kingdom's Trident system but they would be happy to be protected by the nuclear weapons kept in other NATO selfish is that ? The SNP policy would be to allow nuclear armed warships from NATO countries to enter Scottish waters on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis!

Lots of de-bunking of Nationalist Trident arguments are on this link below.

Despite SNP and Nationalist attempts to Scaremonger on Nuclear Weapons and the potential for accidents that simply cannot happen to to the procedures in place. Weapons are not transported as whole units therefore cannot explode by accident under any circumstances whatsoever.The link below shows the extent of the special containers and ships specifically built for transporting Nuclear materials. These have to be able to withstand and train collision or aeroplane strike and are tested to prove they can withstand these. The result being that there has never been a major accident while transporting Nuclear materials and yet tens of thousands of transportations have taken place safely. 

This too of course is more "invented grievance" propaganda rubbish made up by Nats for the use of lying to other Scots. Here is a webpage with that story debunked which also shows a proper copy of the Freedom of Information applied for on this actual question.

Scottish submarine captain who had finger on nuclear button reveals chilling Cold War secrets

When it comes to "Trident" SNP's Sturgeon says £167 Billion Pounds is "too much". However, Steven Paterson the SNP MP for Stirling happened to ask the following question in Parliament yesterday ( 18th January 2016 ) during Defence Questions;

"How much do the Government currently estimate the replacement nuclear deterrent weapons system will cost, including the bo...ats themselves, the missiles and the ongoing lifetime maintenance costs"?

The reply from Philip Dunne UK Minister of State ( Ministry of Defence ) ( Defence Procurement ):-

As we made crystal clear in the SDSR, we have recalculated the cost of manufacturing the four boats, which we now estimate will be £31 billion, and we have added a £10 billion contingency. We have no intention at this point of replacing the warheads; the decision on that will be taken later. Therefore, I urge the hon. Gentleman to focus on the £31 billion commitment for the submarines, plus the £10 billion contingency, as the cost that is relevant today.

So Sturgeon, there you have it - £31 Billion with £10 Billion added as a contingency.

When it comes to the cost over 40 years, you may as well ask other silly questions such as;

How much will the maintenance cost be for all the RAF's Airplanes over the next 40 years?
How much will the maintenance cost be for all the Navy's Ships over the next 40 years?
How much will the maintenance cost be for all the Army's Tanks over the next 40 years?

Or more pertinently please provide expenditure figures for:-

How much will the maintenance cost be for Prestwick Airport over the next 40 years?
How much will the maintenance cost be for Gaelic Language signage across Scotland over the next 40 years?
How much will the maintenance cost be for the Forth Road Bridges over the next 40 years?

Because the SNP will only ever tell Scots how much those things are costing Scotland on an annual basis to make them sound much much less ! This is how the SNP tricks people.

 Unite Trade Union has backed the renewal of Trident


Poll suggests Scots would back Trident 


The Actor David Hayman on BBC Question time showing how Nationalists believe complete made up rubbish to fulfil their fantasy mindset more on this subject here


"OK. For the benefit of the internet's morons I am now going to explain how nuclear deterrence works"

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