Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Some unknown facts on Blogger Kevin Hague.

A quite remarkable personal attack broke out against Blogger Kevin Hague via Twitter last night while he was on the BBC's "Scotland 2016" Politics chat show with fellow Blogger Andrew Tickell from the other side of the political spectrum. A short selection of comments are below.

Kevin McKenna writes articles for the "National" and "Glasgow Herald" both SNP and Independence supporting Newspapers. He was also previously a writer for the Sun owned by Rupert Murdoch  which was yet  another main supporter of the SNP and Independence for Scotland. It can be seen from Kevin McKenna's timeline that he is a regular communicator with "Wings over Scotland" and the websites many dedicated and often abusive followers, so therefore we shouldn't be too surprised that the attacks soon escalated against Kevin Hague personally due to his past blogs picking apart the many financial data and other flaws on the SNP's White Paper, SNP policies and the false propaganda from SNP "front" Business from Scotland group.
Unless the Twitter thread gets deleted it should still be able to be found here

As usual the personal attacks were targetted at Kevins "financial ability" and the "credibility" of his blogs and whether they can be believed or not  as they expose a huge part of the SNP's policies and  it's plan for Scottish Independence not just as over-optimistic rubbish but also quite reckless and irresponsible in its pursuit of its singular political goal.

One thing appears to be common with the "Pro-Indy" commentors attacks and that is either a great many people either have never even bothered to look at his Blogs at all, or haven't understood their financial content or have looked but are in denial that the data  could be telling the truth because it doesn't support their pre-conceived Pro-Indy beliefs built from more often used "Yesser" sites like Wings over Scotland and its published Wee Blue Book that has been rubbished by both Kevin and a host of other financially competent commentators.
As many of these people seem to merely quickly browse Kevins Blog they could be missing several points that might help provide evidence that both Kevin and the Data he presents are both "genuine", so as someone who has been a reader of his blog for some time let me guide folks to some important points that are well worth reading and giving some consideration too.

Point 1 "Kevin is a Pro Union Blogger and therefore his blogs and the data they present are somehow deliberately fixed and/or presented falsely to support a Pro-Union argument."

This is simply not true , while Kevin doesn't hide the fact that he personally is a supporter of  "Pro Union" the data is still presented honestly and factually and has not been altered in any way.
On the front page of the Blog home page here  there is a  big RED button labelled "Endorsements" on the top right, clicking on it takes you to a page with a long list of reputable people  many of them properly trained and qualified in Financial matters who have checked Kevins work and are willing to stake their own reputations in supporting what he presents as being "factual". It can also be seen that those people named here come from both sides of the INDY argument , check names carefully for people you recognise and trust.
Therefore you don't have to agree with the Kevins View on Indy but you can still trust the actual data and the presentations of it. What other "Indy data " webpages have such a list of supporters whose professional qualifications can be traced and properly checked ?.
There is also acceptance from an SNP MP here that Kevins Numbers are "good" in the phrase "I was clearly a bright and decent guy and during the referendum I had been the only proper challenge on the numbersFind it here , Kevin has never stated who "this" particular MP actually was, but you might reason (rightly or wrongly) that it was in fact his own local SNP MP George Kerevan, who is held highly regarded by Yessers to be extremely financially literate ..and he should be considering his background.. see his details here

Point 2 " Businessman and Pro-Union Blogger"
I see this term used often when describing Kevin to somehow to suggest I think, that because he can be clearly seen to be a successful self made Businessman that his morals in presenting his blogs is going to be somehow dishonest or that he is somehow "elitist" and doesn't have anything in common with the average Scottish voter or is somehow "bound to take the establishment veiwpoint"
However, in amongst Kevins many blogs there is one which shows that he certainly wasn't born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth at all, if anything his account suggests that he had a harder upbringing than many of us and that his personal success has been based on hard graft both in education and the aftermath of it.
So do yourself a favour and read that blog here.

Point 3 "Acceptance ,Visiblity and Correction of Proven Errors" Unlike many other websites like this (Especially Wings over Scotland who never corrects  proven errors) Kevin accepts proven errors that are highlighted to him via the returned comments on his many Blogs and will correct them. He also responds to comments and takes time to provide further help in understanding the Data (within reason..there are clearly some folks who cannot or don't want to accept the truth when it doesn't suit their own veiwpoint and do their best to be obstructive). Read more on the issue of Blog errors and their methods of correction here.

I've also read Kevin Hague obtained a "Top First: medallist" in his Engineering Degree which would suggest his knowledge of maths and in handling Data properly can be more than just assumed.
in fact see here
There is some suggestion Kevin McKennas sharp remark that started things off was in fact due to the fact Kevin Hague had scrutinised one of McKennas own articles  and found it to be flawed. 
So where should new readers start with Kevin's blog ?  The best place by far I would recommend would be with his "Video"  presentations of the SNP's White Paper "Scotland's Future"  which  (if readers don't already have one)  gives an excellent explanation and presentation of how Scotlands economy actually works as well as how and where the actual Data is presented and stored by the Scottish Government itself.

Those Videos can be found here, bear in mind though that these were written last year before the large Oil price falls and attempt to factor their effect into the final account. Perhaps in due course Kevin may provide an update to show us where we would have finally been on "Indy Day" . 

As well as the Blogs themselves also read the added readers comments,where there is a wealth of information  also to be found.

Continued "Ad Hominem" attacks by Cybernats on Kevin Hague due to their inability to beat him on factual data has inspired another person to Blog on the issue 


Kevin's own info on his "Price of Independence"Commissioned Report which can be Found by clicking Here

Kevin Hague's Video Presentation of the Scottish Referendum White Paper, watch it and see the massive flaws exposed