Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A Scotland divided ...directly due to the SNP and its Politicians and no-one else.

The SNP is used to diverting blame for things onto others to avoid taking any reponsibilty whatsoever, even when that blame lies wholly with itself. "Westminster , the Tories, Labour, Liberal Democrat...anyone and everyone is a target for the SNP's invented historical and false imagined grieviances that festers away and grows out of proportion in their seperatist minds.

Despite the SNP previously stating clearly  that the Referndum in 2014 was a "once in generation event" and then providing an over-optimistic false prospectus "White Paper" with unrealistic data (That would nearly have bankcrupted Scotland and needed EMF loans to survive) it now continues to try to keep SNP support strong by falsely suggesting another INDY2  referendum is in the offing in the near future. The SNP knows very well this is unlikely as the economic case for Independence has disappeared with the swiftly falling Oil price and along with the less visible but not less important fall in "Oil tax revenues" due to the rising costs of the companies operating in the North Sea. New expensive engineering practices are needed to help older Oil fields to continue producing and the costs of operating in deeper Seas with new methods than in the past are eroding the profits that Oil Taxes are levied on.

But yet the SNP still tries to continue the myth of another Independence Referndum to merely try to keep itself in power and in doing so it also continues to provide uncertaintly in the business and industrial community which stops investment in jobs and business growth.

In  deliberately allowing this chosen uncertainly to go on , it will also mean that the SNP's followers will continue to propagate their lies, false propaganda and personal attacks on political opponents on the other side of the divide.

And yet they try to say "Better for Scotland "...who are they really trying to kid ?

Another Day, another oppertunity for yet another "Selfie" this time with the accused "Provo Queen IRA supporter" Primary schoolteacher Anne-Marie Clements who is under investigation by Police Scotland.  Isn't it time that the Scottish nation asked itself what the SNP really stand for ..does it really singularly have Scotlands interests at heart because it becoming hard to believe  when looking at all the evidence ?
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SNP MP Paul Monaghan is a muliple abuser on Social medial with his long tirade of Anti Semitic and Bigoted Tweets and yet the SNP try to say they are "Better for Scotland" ?  How can that possibly be ? Looking at his rants on the Natzis and Thrid Reich he perhaps needs some education on the fact of his own parties History and its connection with Natzi sympathisers, particularly previous SNP leader Arthur Donaldson, there is nothing to be proud of here and we know the SNP would deny any connection with the Natzi's as they do with anything else unsavoury that doesn't suit the party line that it and its supporters are all "whiter than white" , however the evidence below shows that it is anything but the truth. More on Arthur Donaldson can be found by clicking here   Paul Monaghan and indeed the whole of the rest of the SNP don't seem to be able to see how their own actions in continually spouting false false propaganda and proven downright lies on financial data to the Scottish electorate as well as its attempts to misuse and gain control of the Newspaper and TV media in Scotland has direct similarities to what happened in Natzi Germany much more than anything the UK government does..perhaps the SNP DOES actually know and doesn't want to address this fact, the Scottish electorate should take a good look at the actions of SNP MP's, MSP's and their  followers and ask themselves if there are any parallels in History of using this level of propaganda to impose political will on a Nations mind. The signs are there to be understood and they are worrying.

The bigoted attitudes,false facts and Anti-Semitism seen further below here is  widely spread on "YES" and "SNP" followers Social media groups, often by a closer knit  group of so called "Independence Activists" deliberately to create Greivance and Hate to try to sway voters, the means used to gain their ultimate result does not matter to them, whats it has done though is to create a divided Scotland that the SNP's own  leaders either don't have the ability to see or simply have no wish to accept responsibility for despite lots of the "hate" below circulating are even being generated from within their very own circles.