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The SNP's Lying Propaganda Wing called "Business for Scotland"

There are still a great many people in Scotland still seem to believe that  "Business for Scotland " group  is an "Independent and Political Party Neutral " organisation like they claim to be on their Website and therefore can be a trusted source for honest and unbiased information. This is not true "Business for Scotland " group has been exposed for some time as a "propaganda front" for the SNP to allow it to exploit the media with "made up" articles , "diversions" and  "total untruths" for the sake of forwarding the SNP's  policies and its Politicians lies.  

The above information is from the "Business for Scotland" Website , its statement clearly trys to make out that it has absolutely nothing to do with or is connected with the SNP. Nothing is further from the truth. It's purpose is to publish misleading articles to create "political division" and "invented grievances" in the media for the sole use of trying to advance Scottish Nationalism with articles that are either diversions from the truth or outright lies.

Business for Scotlands "propagandist in chief " is Gordon MacIntyre Kemp who also writes propaganda for the SNP's Nationalist Fanzine "The National" Newspaper ,another source of mostly "made up " or manipulated facts to further the goals of Scottish Nationalism and to attack Westminster wherever possible. Goebbels himself would have been proud of the work attempted in the "National". Rather Ironic don't you think for Gordon to be talking of "narrow-minded insular national agendas" when his own job is to actually write false articles to pursue those very same goals ?

Gordon's background is is "Marketing" not "Finance"or "Pensions"for which you need to be properly qualified in the UK to be able to give advice to people, therefore anything along these lines he tries to tell you about is not worth the paper its written on or is an article someone else has written that  has later manipulated to suit his propaganda greivance mongering purpose. People that are trained in Marketing are trained to sell you something you normally would not want nor normally pay any attention to, their job is to make things appealing that are normally not appealing..they are trained in how to "make the hard sell"  in this case to sell you worthless false information to forwad the SNP cause, in general Gordons job is to make the UK Government look bad and to make the SNP look good every time. His job is too deceive at every oppertunity that arises.

Gordon is such a bright spark he just managed to lose £50k, yet spends his time trying to tell others how smart he is with economics facts. Who in their right mind would trust a loser like this ?
The founder and chief executive of the pro-independence group Business for Scotland has admitted losing “a significant amount of money” after his sole business venture was wound up. Gordon Macintyre-Kemp, who is behind a new fundraising campaign for a second referendum, put more than £50,000 into a social media consultancy that ended with net assets of £594.
Intelligise Limited, which was based at Mr Macintyre-Kemp’s home in Jordanhill in Glasgow, was “dissolved via voluntary strike-off” in February 2016, the Herald can reveal.  Article here 
Kevin Hague has spent a lot of time and hard work looking at "Business for Scotland" and who its members are and what sizes of Businesses they actually run, the answers turned out to be that they were on the whole overall very small or not actually trading with only a few exceptions. The whole written article is very enlightening on the activities of "Business for Scotland and is well worth a detailed read and can be found here

A later Updated Blog on B for S  (May 2016) can be found here

Below are some extracts of that article ...remember the claim that Business for Scotland made ?
"Independent and Political Party Neutral organisation" 

Lets see if its true or just a fabrication of downright lies ?

So Gordon McIntyre-Kemp is a failed SNP  candidate ?  So does that sound like he will be an"unbiased" provider of  so called "Facts ?  Why do you think he doesn't tell us the truth on this fact on his Business for Scotland profile ?  It shouldn't be difficult to work out ? Why is he the "go to guy" for "economic"  issues when he does not have any Financial training ?  Gordons role is in "Marketing"not Finance.

Since the General Election Ian Blackford has been elected an SNP MP, so was his membership of Business for Scotland unbiased do you think, politically neutral or just a lie  ?  So honest or deceitful membership of Business for Scotland ?

Branded a Hypocrite: An SNP MP has been criticised after it emerged a company he is linked to is being monitored by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Some other facts on what Ian Blackford has been up to in the past, pretty despicable stuff.

Ian Blackford SNP Welfare Spokesman took £3000 donation from a Tory Millionaire,what does this say about the SNP ?

 Since the General Election Richard Arkless has been elected an SNP MP, so was his membership of Business for Scotland unbiased do you think, politically neutral or just a lie ?
Richard also has also added his wife onto the Westminster payroll as he has her registered as his Office assistant , she is also now the single director of LED warehouse since Richard suddenly resigned from it , she must be a really busy Woman with two jobs ? How on earth does she manage.

Since the General Election Michelle Thomson  was been elected an SNP MP, so was her membership of Business for Scotland unbiased do you think, politically neutral or just a lie ?  Due to accusations of Mortage Fraud still being investigated by the Police she is currently operating as an "Independent"instead of an SNP MP. Thomson bragged about the benefits of Margaret Thatchers "Right to Buy" policy , a policy the SNP is supposed to reject ,yet  she supported it and was elected as an SNP MP rather than a Tory one ? Was her campaign on "social values a charade ?. Some of the properties she bought for her portfolio were from desperately ill people.
More on Thomson here 
and here ..Trustworthy SNP MP do you think ?

Ivan McKee was a senior post holder in Business of Scotland and has denied in the past of being aligned with the SNP but can be clearly shown to have interacted with the SNP (along with Tony Banks) having direct conversations with SNP Sturgeons Husband Peter Murrell see more by clicking here here .
Ivan McKee joined the SNP and is now an SNP MSP in the Holyrood elections in May 2016, so was his  membership of Business for Scotland unbiased do you think, politically neutral or just a lie  ?  I think you will know the answer. Ivan McKee has now been Voted in as an SNP MSP. Honest do you think ?

Tony Banks was another Senior player in Business for Scotland who can be seen to have been having regular conversations with the SNP seniors at the highest level ( as seen by clicking here )  so can hardly be said to have been " politically neutral"  or was it just a straightforward lie ?  Like the others i think you will have worked out the answer for yourself by now.

There is also some interesting reading on Tony Banks military career on that other article it can be read by clicking here are looking for the Tonk Banks info. 

Tony Banks has also been in the News recently for other issues worth reading about as it may or may not provide some pointers to his character can decide for yourself .

Some Examples of  Business for Scotland's  Deceitful Propaganda and their lies exposed

1: Business for Scotland & Deutsche Bank Report (by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp himself)

I'm not going to go through the article you can read it yourself but here is an important  point to look out for whenever someone is trying to spin you an untruth or a lie "The first hint that something might be a LIE  is the fact that there is rarely link to the source document from which he skews his conclusions."  (this is so you cannot check the "facts" for yourself and make up your own mind he is "telling" you what to beleive whether it is true or not...and as you can see it isn't.)
Another sign that someone is setting you up to tell you a lie is an article that starts with "Here is the real truth....." or "The truth is actually....."  look out for them..when you see them expect a lie... not the truth at all.

1:  Anyway read about the "Deutsche Bank Report (by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp himself) by clicking HERE

2:  £8.3bn Better off?   Read the article and its de-bunking by clicking here


3: Response to "Independence and the Economy - The Facts"  (Ah the facts ?..hahaha)
Read the article by clicking here  


4: Oil Price and Scottish Tax Generation (by Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp again) read the article by clicking here  
5: Yet another Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp deception proven to be lies "The Oil crash is Good"

So there we are,  five examples of "Scotland for Business" so called "Facts" shown as being just  propaganda lies and debunked as such , you should now know that anything else you read from the "Scotland for Business" group is almost certainly going to be similar untruths please do not fall for them.

If you want to read more "Scotland For Business" articles being debunked  go to Kevin Hagues homepage here and use the "search this blog"  box to search the term "Scotland for Business" (or else thing else you wish)

People often quite rightly wonder what they can truly beleive, so on that note i can give you some pointers on why you can trust Kevins data by clicking here  

A good place to start learning about how Scotland's economy functions and the last Indy White Paper can be found on Kevins  easy to understand Youtube Videos here 

Has the SNP just become a "Cult" ?

Scots trying to deliberately deceive other Scots for the sake of so called Freedom ?

A later Updated Blog on Business for Scotland  (May 2016) can be found on the link below


Anyone who is still any doubt "Business  For Scotland " is just an SNP front for Propaganda campaigns should read here