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Wings over Scotland: Fools and their Money are easily parted.

The latest Crowdfunder is more likely about funding Wings over Scotland's  lifestyle than any second Indyref so people should think carefully before being suckered into it.
People really need to ask themselves where crowdfunded money is really going rather than just believing whatever they are told , it should be clear that the "Truth" is simply NOT told by "Wings". 

Scotland simply cannot afford to be Independent without even deeper cuts to services and 3-5% added to rates of Income tax higher than the rest of the UK.  see more here 

This article below has recently come to light, it should be properly read and understood. 
VIOLENT DODGY liar named and shamed Stuart Campbell
Bath town-house residence as the front for the selling and promotion of the illegal  with an estimated street value of around £200,000."
Read more on the link below.

"4 Brock Street in Bath is currently on the residential  market for a modest £3750 per calendar month.
Campbell is believed to have moved out some time last year, after his highly successful fundraiser." (Why would that be I wonder ?)

Perhaps its a case of "Don't do as I do but do as I say"  ?

As seen printed on this page here https://archive.is/Y5BYY

It's not too difficult at all to see that Wings is willing to blatently confuse issues and also lie with false assertions and inventions to create "grievance issues " that he almost certainly knows himself are simply not true.

More evidence of how Stuart Campbell lied on "Stolen Whisky Export Tax " can be found via this link  (starts about halfway down the page)
WingsOverScotland's Missing Whisky tax lies 

It is very clear that it can be called a blatent Lie by looking on the Scottish Governments own Website. All  Whisky Duty IS properly accounted for in GERS.

"Reponse to GERS Queries - Whisky Export Duty

Q: What is the value of revenue collected from Whisky Export Duty allocated to Scotland?
A: Exports, including exports of whisky, do not attract UK duty. Therefore, no 'whisky export duty' revenue is allocated to Scotland in GERS."
This data can be seen directly on the Scottish Governments own Website on the link below here. http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Economy/GERS/queries/008

This same Lie is explained in greater detail here:

Do you think Stuart Campbell is or isn't the type to suffer the sort of anger management issues that would lead him to Superglue up  locks as an act of revenge because he was " a bit miffed" which led him to damage his own car himself  and yet take his anger out on others ?

Not being charged for committing a crime isn't the same thing as being innocent of doing it.

Read the story of his arrest and Police Interview in his own words here http://archive.is/tnYnl 

Are Stuart Campbell's writings inspired by Hitler and Nazism ?

"Wings over Scotland: His struggle against lies stupidity and cowardice From Mein Kampf."
Read the Whole article by clicking here   

"Nazi inspired Wings over Scotland compares journalists to rats."
Read the Whole article by clicking here  

This link to his previous website "World of Stuart" (WoS) might give some insight ? http://worldofstuart.excellentcontent.com/hitlertime.htm

Or this one , Hitler and Nazi references do seem to turn up often.

An Early English Hate Post- A sign of things to come in his Future ?

Hillsborough Hate post https://ahdinnaeken.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/wings-over-scotland-the-fallacy-files-1-dicto-simpliciter-hillsborough/ 

Wings article viewed direct here http://wosland.podgamer.com/no-justice-for-the-96/

9/11 Hate WingsoverScotland post https://ahdinnaeken.wordpress.com/2015/09/10/america-deserved-911-said-reverend-who-laughed-at-it-all-on-tv/

Subscriptions aren't a new idea on Stuart Campbell's websites, after all someone has to be paid to produce all that written content that you want to read , if the demand is there for "reader content" someone will always be willing to produce it ..at the right price of course. So is that what the latest  crowdfunding is really about ...paying for content rather than a second Indyref  campaign ? Does anyone seriously believe a second Indyref is just around the corner when a second Scotland Referendum Bill would have to be passed through the UK Parliament first ?  The SNP has no powers whatsoever to call one without that happening long before any actual event occurs. (just like the first time around)

Paying for stuff you like? How old-fashioned!"

And apparently knowing that what he is selling IS Copyright theft.

Both seen from his previous Website by clicking here. 
Wings  "Wee Blue Book" that so many people think contains real "facts" has been completely trashed by many people now, including verifiable economists and properly qualified pension administrators, this again shows how false the information Wings produces actually is.

"The arguments in the Wee Blue Book are exactly that: no sustained economic argument, but just a collection of random quotes and debating points to make a problem go away. When the future fiscal position is raised, we are so often told about the past. I too think past North Sea oil was squandered, but grievance does not put money into a future Scottish government’s coffers. I read that forecasting the future is too uncertain, from people who I am sure think about their future income when planning their personal spending. I read about how economists are always disagreeing, when in this case they are pretty united."

Read more on this article by clicking on this link 

The Wee Blue Books many errors have also been exposed  here too.

"Which brings me to Stuart Campbell, custodian of Wings Over Scotland and proud author of the Wee Blue Book.
I and many others have frequently highlighted errors in his Wee Blue Book (and his blog more widely) and he really doesn't like it. He never posts corrections, instead he simply feeds his followers by personally abusing those of us who point out his many mistakes

Yet Stuart Campbell continues to lie !

Read details of all the Errors in the Wee Blue Book by clicking here for Part 1  

And further details of his completely false "pension" info writings by clicking here for Part 2  

Lying and sticking to the Lie of course was the proven tactic of the Nazi propagandist
Joseph Goebbels who said ...
"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"
So yet again more evidence that he may be using "Nazi" methods for controlling his audience. Are you one of them ? Perhaps time to think about that again ?
Take a look at this previous "World of Stuart" webpage here and then see if you can spot any of the personality traits listed below ? http://archive.is/6YST7   Just Saying !
Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms

  • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
  • Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
  • Requires excessive admiration
  • Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
  • Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
  • Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
  • Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
  • Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes  http://psychcentral.com/disorders/narcissistic-personality-disorder-symptoms/  

  • Think about this one ....

    "Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people." 
    Of course if anyone did suffer this particular trait in particular they could pursue it further and attempt to manipulate their own "special people/group" being farmed by encouraging them to use his own block lists to help keep them engaged with only him alone, this could be further enhanced by telling people at every oppertunity that they will never find the truth via the mainstream media..better to ignore it and he will supply his own version of  "Truth" to you instead.
     Are you getting how Nationalist activism works yet ? 
    So ask yourself properly before you subscribe to ANY crowdfunding request ..is the person running it honest and trustworthy or likely to be simply telling you Lies to obtain your hard earned cash ? What you do with you money is your choice but think hard about what it is that you may really be supporting. Just writing articles that people want to hear and being paid handsomely for it via Crowdfunded is cash one way of way of making easy money.
    A Narcissist doing what Narcissist's love doing most of all.  http://archive.is/1t0iu
    Why wouldn't a Narcissist do this ? (see full article via link)
    "Stuart Campbell (video game journalist)[edit]
    "This article is about a guy who wrote in videogames magazines about 10 years ago. These days he's an entirely unnotable freelance journalist who seems to struggle to get anything published at all. Many of the incidents described in the article are pretty irrelevant, and the sourcing and overall written style of the article is pretty poor. I believe the entry itself was first created by Campbell himself, otherwise it -wouldn't exist at all. "
    It appears in 2007 Stuart Campbell sent a comment to this page denying that it was actually himself that tried to write his own Wikipedia page. (What sort of person would attempt to do that anyway ?)
    "Comment Hello. I am Stuart Campbell, something which Wikipedia is welcome to verify via the email address supplied to create this account. I have no intention of debating my own "notability", but wish to absolutely deny the claim that I was in any way responsible for the creation of my entry here. I did not create it, did not request anyone else to create it, and have no knowledge of who did. This debate seems to me wholly motivated by personal animosity, and I do recognise some of the usernames of those involved as people who have previously shown hostility towards me on internet forums and the like, but the issue is clearly for Wikipedia to decide.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rev. Stuart Campbell "
    Yet later in 2014 in this article (Click Here)  for "Vice News" it notes that he has a Wikipedia page in his name " He has a Wikipedia page which runs to almost 2,000 words.
     and then the article goes on ..
    He insists he has never even read it.
    "I'm not responsible for a word of that Wikipedia page," he says.
    I don't believe him, I say.
    "It's absolutely true," he says. "I never tell lies. I have not told a lie since I was 24."
    Now does anyone seriously believe he has never read his own Wikipedia page considering he himself (as seen above) emailed Wikipedia to make a statement on the pages editing and content ? This simply isn't credible and if that is a Lie how many other Lies has he actually told the writer of that article too ? If he truly didn't care less about the Wikipedia page why did he actually respond to them at all ...there wouldn't be any point.
    How about these ? "You have to worry about MI5," he says. So actually if they aren't involved they're not doing their jobs properly. I've seen no evidence at all of them being involved. But you think, why not? "  and " At one point in Campbell's journalistic career at Amiga Power in the early 90s, a reader sent him a book " full of these incredibly lurid details about how he was going to kill every member of staff."  He says it was a case of extreme fandom.
    "The police tracked him down.It was some kind of mental loner with a shelf full of books by Hitler." 
     (Churchill once said, the fascists of the future will present themselves as anti-fascists.)
    Doesn't all this so called "information" just point to Campbell simply being a Narcissist making up ridiculous imagined conspiracy theories and delusions about his own importance in his desperate pursuit of noteriety ? 
    "Worried about M15" ?  Seriously  ?  Considering the notes already further up  this page on some of his own "Hitler" themed writings could the "mental loner with a shelf full of books by Hitler." that he talks about ...actually back in the real World be himself alone ?
    Could this below be a further clue ? 

    A Quote on Wings over Scotland
    “A world of conspiracy theories, hatred and paranoia. This is a brand of nationalism that seeks to peddle falsehoods and unfounded allegations against anyone who isn’t a believer. It is nasty, sewage politics that debases public life. And yet the Wings Over Scotland [sic] is cited as an authoritative source by some leading SNP figures who really should know better.”
    – Murray Foote (Daily Record)


    Anyone think Campbell is telly the truth here ?


    When another figure in the Indy movement published a Video recently and was getting lots of Social Media attention "Wings" didn't like it at all and had to intervene on Twitter , you can see that response below here.  So what was the reason for this bizzare intervention ? Was it to benefit  the Indy Movement ? Hardly. Or  was it simply a typical response to someone else getting Social Media attention that he felt should only be on him and on him alone ? This can only be an intervention
    to try to get the Social Media focus back onto himself.  Is this "Normal" behaviour do you think ?

    Wings seems to have lost the plot again, the truth can be seen heard here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7UM5v_5A0Y&feature=youtu.be
    The truth as heard from the Radio interview link above is that its Wings alone is the complete fool

    Take another look at those personality traits, do you see any of the same signs in these Tweet messages  ?

    Well we know how he makes a living now don't we ...as a self employed writer of made up grievances and false facts on his latest Website "WingsOverScotland" all paid for via crowdfunded money from his latest circle of unquestioning and idolising worshipper's. 
    More background to the comment box on "suing Future " can be found here Attempt to sue Future Networks 

    More reading here on "Wings"

    No end of interesting and revealing content on Wings past History.
    "Wings" slammed over further recent Hillsborough comments...Wings thinks that only what he and he alone tells people is "fact"...remember the old saying about "keep on telling the same lies and eventually people will believe you " ?  Same old story with Wings here and yet easily deceived people still continue to worship at the Wings altar. 
    ==============================================Could you unknowingly be part of a "cult" and being used by someone with a personality disorder ? Why not take the test here ?
    Just for further information this is the idea Indycamp (sometimes AKA "Campstupid") loves to circulate."Scotland is sovereign and can legally declare independence whenever it wants"

    But a quick read here shows this is anything but the case and even the Indycamp inmates idea of what the "Declaration of Independence " actually is , is very wrong.


    A timeline of the BBC Twitter commentary of the Indycamp Court Case can be viewed by clicking here  


    More info on the link below 
    How decent people are deceived and conned  

    Rat Boy revisiting Hometown Bathgate  https://archive.is/hxmRM

    Rat Boy taking pics of what he loves most  https://archive.is/1t0iu

    Rat Boys embarrassing Trip to Glastonbury https://archive.is/Qv9fg

    Rat Boy gets an idea how to make loads of money by manipulating people https://archive.is/vmbW2
    Rat Boy reveals that he just wants to be loved..Poor Stu https://archive.is/FqTBh
    All for the Love of Rats ...really Stu ?  Really ?   A story about how Stu takes on the potential dangers of death by walking on a beach in Weston Super Mare. (Yep really)  

    Stu Campbell on Transgender views https://archive.is/6Mgxt

    I don't have 30 seconds to spare