Sunday, 10 January 2016

Yet Scotland could be as "great" as Norway ? No Thanks.

"...but Scotland could be as great a country to live as Norway " This is often the answer that Nats come up with , rather than try to explain how they would make Scotland itself actually any better than it is now from Independence and looking at the real issues they try to move the focus away from looking at Scotland's issues at all and look elsewhere..sometimes something in the past from History and therefore not in the slightest way relevant or they choose the lifestyle of another totally different country that few Scots have real actual experience of and therefore cannot counter the argument being put by Nationalists making the argument. Even if they do have experience there isn't any guarantee that they are telling you the truth, when people want something different to you they will often be willing to lie about things to attempt to change your own mind.

Norway is often a favourite choice because of its Oil industry and by having one of those Nats like to compare "like for like" to Scotland but only for points they want you to know or for things that aren't actually true anyway but  which they want you to believe, as they want to fool you to into Voting in support of their own cause by creating an imaginary Utopian belief system to convince people that anything is better than the status quo we have in Scotland right now.

I found this website recently which i think highlights a great many reasons lots of people would certainly not like a Scotland that resembled Norway at all. Rather than copy all the content to here pales read the information on this link for yourselves, then we will look at Norways Oil Fund which is another often used subject in Nat propaganda.

A very short summary then is that in Norway basic rate income tax is 36%, you then have to additionally pay personally towards your healthcare treatments if you fall ill and if you lose your job you only get support for a year, the government can also "choose" to put you into any sort employment at all if its available and if you refused to take that job your "unemployment benefit " would cease. You must learn Norwegian within a certain time and without doing this successfully you will be refused permission to stay in Norway.

Not as great as you thought after all huh ?

There is no end of available reading that easily shows that Scots WOULD NOT be any better off trying to be Norway is heading for al sorts of financial troubles of its own. Click on the links to read them.

Norways Oil Decline Accelerating 

Norway Risks Killing Its Own Economy  ( Via the FORBES Website  )

For Norway $50 Oil is worse than the Global Financial Crisis 

End of Oil Boom Threatens Norways Financial Model

I'd say that from reading all the information on these links that life in Norway wouldn't be as rosy as many Scots are deliberately led by Nationalists to think it for anyone suggesting such a thing you know what...if you think its so great why don't YOU just move there and stop whining at the rest of us that like Scotland just as it is now ?

Norways external debt to the rest of the World
Update  15/01/2016 Norway Declares Crisis in Oil Industry

  Brent Oil closes at $26.73 , Norway is now devaluing its currency so that it stays competitive in World markets, however this would make travelling outside Norway more expensive for people living there, therefore perhaps another reason why being Norway wouldn't be as brilliant as SNP followers try to make it sound. Read the whole article here.
Norway Sells Chinese Railway investment company that Sturgeon has just recently signed a contract with to build Scottish Infrastucture , the SNP are Rank Amateurs with Scottish taxpayers money.

The SNP tried to keep this hidden from the Scottish Public because they know the Chinese compnay was involved in corruption.


Here is another new unfortunate truth for Scottish Nationalists, after decades of Scottish Nationalists forwarding both Norway and Iceland as "future models" of what Scotland could be, they are now actually described as quite the opposite  in their new "Wee Bleu Book" website 

"Norway, just to the east of us, shows one alternative, Iceland another, but after a long time spent studying them, we have concluded that they are poor options for Scotland."

Hilarious isn't it , Nationalists change their visions and policies as often as the wind changes direction.
PS  Denmark does not even get a mention by the SNP here so please don't bother suggesting that one either. Scots would never want to pay the levels of Income tax that Danes pay, Scots were not recently even happy by one UK political party asking them to pay an extra 1% to pay for better services and less austerity so don't make us laugh by suggesting Scots would want to adopt the high taxation Danish Model.
ie The state income tax has two income brackets (base and top). In 2014 income from DKK 42,900 to DKK 421,000 is taxed at 5.83% and income above DKK 422,000 is taxed an additional 15%. Other taxes include Municipal income tax, currently in the range 23% - 28%, though on average 24.09%. A Health contribution of 8% apply on all income above the tax free allowance in year 2014, though from there the health contribution is getting merged with the regular income tax by one percent per year. Under the Danish tax system, it is possible for a high-wage earner to pay up to 51.5% of their total income after gross tax, giving a total of 57% of total income.
Norway says "We are not like Scotland"

More info in this link below 
How good people are fooled and controlled.