Thursday, 4 February 2016

Nicola Sturgeon's diversions and lies on growing the Scottish economy ?

2 Feb 2016 After the SNP rejecting the Labour parties suggestion to increase income tax by 1p to save Council jobs and services to the poorer in Scotland due to the SNP's own ongoing Austerity spending cuts  (Tory cuts to Scotland budget this year is £300million but SNP actual cuts to spending are £500million ie the SNP are imposing £200 million more Austerity cuts more than required)

Sturgeons Twitter comment is quite assounding as it suggests that she doesn't actually understand the growth predictions she authorised on her own personally produced Independence White Paper "Scotlands Future" that apparently she had 100% control of producing.

The evidence that Sturgeon was directly responsible for producing the grossly over-optimistic White Paper that was used to try to deceive Scots to vote Yes by producing a "False Prospectus" laced with false and overoptimistic facts is  recorded in her own Biography but can easily be seen here.

"The book reveals how Miss Sturgeon took almost full control of the referendum campaign plans and preparing the independence White Paper.
“That was her baby she was in charge of the whole thing,” recalls one ministerial colleague."

The full article can be read online by clicking here

So lets not ever forget now that the false White Paper that nearly brought Scotland to Bankcruptcy if there had been a YES vote was Nicola Sturgeons responsibility for directly producing as stated in her Biography.

Sturgeon in her Tweet tries to assert that if the SNP had achieved a YES vote that it would have been able to "Grow" the Scottish economy as it wished . It's easy for her just to state that such a thing would simply happen but would it really be as simple as that ?

A Youtube presentation on "growing" the Scottish economy demonstrating  the actual Data recorded on the White Paper can be viewed by clicking here  and is well worth watching, but it can be seen that even from the "deliberately optimistic " projections produced on the actual White Paper (3.6% for 30 years growth)  that it would have taken at least 120 years to be able to fill the 16%FFA/Independence spending black hole that would have existed after a YES vote.
 (After all OIL is JUST a BONUS). 
(On the video if you wish to jump directly to the "growth" part go to Minute 7:39)

So from this we should be able to see that Sturgeons presumption of  being able to provide growth in the Scots economy if they had acheived a YES vote as extremely far fetched with very little real evidence of it being achievable especially as the figures they chose to put on the White Paper where over-optimistic in the first place and their assumption that things in the World eceonomy after a YES vote would go 100% the way they wanted them too...highly unlikely in the modern world.

So 120 years to fill the FFA/Independence Scottish spending gap all because of one Political partys desires...those of us that would have had to live through those more difficult times thanks to the SNP would never ever have lived long enough to see if it was achievable or not anyway.  All that personal hardship for absolutely nothing.