Thursday, 26 May 2016

How to try to Politicise a Child to try to get what you always wanted from the start.

The Brain Family from Australia are trying to claim that their Son's first language is Gaelic to try and obtain permanent citizenship in Scotland.  A brief scan of Kathryn Brain's Facebook page reveals they "just happen" to be rampant Scottish Nationalist followers which the SNP are only to happy to use for Political gain.

They are trying to claim that because their son is learning Gaelic that they should be able to stay, however it can be seen from Kathryn's Facebook page that her son has also been getting taught in "English" which of course is widely spoken in Australia  where the Child was born. Young Lachlan was seen on TV talking English to Nicola Sturgeon so clearly is an English speaker. Not quite the image being circulated via "Social Media" is it ?

As happens often, whats being portrayed in the media is not the real situation at all, the SNP MP's are as usual simply trying to use this issue for personal plaudits and Political gain. From the Westminster Hansard record the real story can be seen for oneself , perhaps Dingwall or the Highlands simply doesn't need more Archeologists or Health and Safety people in the Highlands and that is why she cannot get a suitable job to meet the laid down immigration criteria in law ? Between the Hansard record and Kathryn Brains own writings it's clear that they moved to Scotland knowing how precarious and risky their situation was from the start..yet it was still one they chose to put THEMSELVES AND their son through by their OWN decisions.

Read the true Hansard record of events for yourself and ask yourself honestly if this is how the SNP is trying to make out in the media how things really are ?

 Strangely Kathryn Scotland already had a Referendum on this and the Nation said "NO" to Independence in the Referendum that Sturgeon said was a "One in a Lifetime Oppertunity". Perhaps Sturgeon just cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth on these matters ?

Could there be another reason the SNP are falling over themselves to help this particular couple ? Yet hundreds if not thousands of other people get deported from the UK for failing the exact same criteria after coming here on "Study Visas" and failing to find relevant degree work afterwards .. a great many from Africa,India and almost every other country in the World are the SNP trying to engineer an exception to the law for only one family ?  Is that fair on all the others who will still get deported for failing an immigration criteria set in law ? The question that really needs to be asked here is if a special case is being made by Politicising a Child by the SNP because this couple are ardent Nationalist and SNP supporters ?   Yet thousands of other people of all Nationalities are not going to get the same "priviliged" treatment and will continue to be deported back to their own countries..many that are nothing like as safe and secure environments as Australia is ?

If this doesn't show the duplicity of the SNP i don't know what does both cases happened int he same SNP constituency, one case you will have heard about the other you probably haven't
Brains disgraceful stunt with Nazi "Foreigners" badge at the SNP conference with Sturgeon and other Senior SNP members blessing.

This act seems to have kicked off a whole raft of complaints but do the SNP ever care who they offend for the sake of Political points ?

Whole article can be read here 

Which other "Nationalist" Political Party used Children for Propaganda purposes ?

Kathryn Brain now trying to hide her real identity on Social media