Sunday, 20 December 2015

A reply to Pete Wishart on his blog "The Cult of the Scottish Dictatorship"

I posted this on Pete Wisharts rant on his Blog about "Dictatorships" Pete moderates all comments so whats the chances of this one being published ? 

"Thats a hilarious view from one of 50 odd people who all vote exactly the same at Westminster for the simple reason that you are instructed on how to vote by the Great Leader herself . You might be able to fool those who can't think or won't think for themselves but will never fool the people who can. Since the final eventual failure of the Darien Scheme in 1699 only the SNP and the SNP alone  brought Scotland close to bankrupcy with its fantasy White Paper last year and yet not one of you have ever apologised for how close you came to completely ruining the Nation. If the returned vote had been a "Yes"  from March 2016 Scotland would be facing a shorfall of a huge £67 billion in the next ten years , while Tory Austerity in the same period is estimated to be a mere £3.9 billion in comparison. Gambling with the Nations future is not something to be admired and yet that is exactly what the SNP did.
Swinney and the rest of the SNP have now set another Timebomb ticking ready to blow up in the nations face...why do you thing this system exists in the first place if not to protect the nation from harm ? I hope you and all your fellow MP's will take responsibility when it blows up in your face but i doubt you will just as you walked away from the responsibility of the flawed White Paper and the problems with the Forth Road Bridge..with the SNP its always someone elses fault.  Take some time to think of what could go wrong here rather than waiting for it to happen then denying responsibility.
I don't expect to see this comment published because as we know in any Dictatorship free speech is the first thing to be censored."