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"Scottish Resistance"conspiracy theorists are an embarassment to Scotland

While most ordinary honest hard working Scots were at work last week earning their keep and paying their taxes required for Scotland  to thrive, a very small and therefore irrelevant group of what some people would call "conspiracy theory website" radicalised individuals with time on their hands were away yet again chasing  another false flag invented grievance in the name of the Independence movement.

How James Scott of the Scottish Resistance seems to see himself  

One of those below is a TV presenter, the other is a debt collector in Rutherglen

Another cunning wheeze this time was to  waste more of Police Scotlands time by reporting David Cameron for "war crimes" depite the fact that the UN Security Council has alreadly voted unanimously for all its member states to join the fight against ISIS.
 Read the News article on this here     See a spoof  of their antics on this link here  

It's unknown at this time what Legal Advice "The Scottish Resistance" had taken before deciding to report an "International War Crime " to the Scottish Police or whether it will be taken seriously, we can only wait and speculate. See the incident being reported by clicking here  .

(08/12/2015 News Update: Its  has been announced today that this reported action has been rejected by the Police, the only media bothering to report this update was "The National", the Fanzine for Nats requiring made up grievance stories.

It's hard to understand what the Scottish Resistance truly achieve or even stand for , its presence on Social media is so fragmented and more often ridiculed. They claim to be Scottish Patriots but appear to do Scotland much more harm than good by bringing the wrong sorts attention to themselves  time after time for all the wrong sorts of reasons.

There has been Media coverage in the past for two of its main members being involved in incidents with other Politicians during the campaigns leading up to the Independence Vote itself
Click here for this News article 

There has also been condemnation of SNP MSP's , MP's and other Government officials being members of their Facebook page and depite many of those previously named deleting their memberships there are still some noticable ones to be found (at this time) ie SNP MP Brendan Angus MacNeill and Peter Johnston leader of the SNP West Lothian Council, no doubt others too for anyone who has the patience to trawl through the FB Group membership list which also shows others as lesser employees of the current Scottish Government. (Group membership required)
Despite one of the Facebook pages having approx 7500 members, very few seem to be "active" although there are a hard core number of people posting large numbers of false invented conspiracy website meme posts that attract some quite despictable and potentially libellious comments. There is also some evidence of anti semitic memes having been widely posted at some point too.
Conspiracy memes in evidence include all the usual well worn Indy type memes with a common one being of course the existence of Westminster and English paedophilia which from the comments left by members doesn't ever seem to be a criminal  issue that ever ever happens in Scotland. There are other conspiracy meme posts badmouthing David Cameron, the issue of "Lord Janners  being unfit to stand trial" and a quite unbeleivable one based on Jill Dando being murdered by the "elite" with at least one member of the Group posting "I believe that". There are no shortage of foul mouthed rants based on no evidence at all of any "truth" on such memes whatsoever , in fact most level headed people would see how most were actually simply fabricated for despicable social engineering purposes of lower intelligence people and have nothing to do with them. Do over 7500 members really beleive all thet rubbish ? If not why be part of it ? Did they join under false pretences ?
There doesn't appear to be any voice of reason doing Admin on most of these pages and therefore simply anything at all seems to get and is left posted...no matter how untrue and  if this is the really the mindset of a large proportion of Scots beleive then best worry about the future of Scotland.

James Scott recently was interviewed for the Ritchie Allen Radion show  whose webpage on the Internet has the following information included on its content.

"The Richie Allen Show in association with www.davidicke.com is a nightly alternative news show tackling controversial subjects and guests sometimes ignored by the mass media. Everything from Conspiracy theories to chemtrails and a whole lot in between.
It is a controversial listen"

It's essentially a radio show for conspiracy theorists and alien/UFO beleivers.
As you have now been pre-warned you can listen to the interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWTof5zb3hE 

And why should we be surprised ? James has a Blog which started off as discussing items linked to UFO's and other ridiculous conspiracy theories.

"People who fall for conspiracy theories also often believe in the paranormal"                    

Early posts http://thetruthisoutthere-spectrum.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-min=2009-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2010-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=2

And http://thetruthisoutthere-spectrum.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/all-scots-to-receive-microchip-implant.html

More on the Blog if your really keen to look for yourself  ?
Check out the older posts here http://thetruthisoutthere-spectrum.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Another day, another embarrassment for Scotland from the Scottish Resistance  14 Jan 2016.

Not all was well in Uddingston today, as a pro-independence pressure group called the Scottish Resistance turned up to protest against the “traitorous” chocolate factory.                                      “Hear roar us,” they demanded. (Though i haven't a clue what it means !)

As part of his protest against Tunnocks James Scott was handing out competitors "Lees" Teacakes but did not seem to know that Lees had also backed the "No" side along with Tunnocks in the Independence Referendum. At least he left better informed than he arrived. (more on Lees here)

Afterwards, Scott said he wasn't surprised by the relatively poor attendance at the protest.

“It went how I would expect it to go in Scotland. All the media, the British media, control everything in Scotland,” claimed Scott. “Everything.”
“It’s a fear campaign,” he continued. “Even now people are afraid of campaigning with us because they might lose their job. That explains the low turnout, people are afraid. They’re frightened to protest. It’s a disgrace.”

At the same time as the protest there were actually a bigger number of protesters present actually against the Scottish Resistance than were there for them , one said "These idiots are on Facebook constantly, on telly, the internet – they’re a disgrace,”  “They don’t represent nationalists; a lot of Yes voters hate them because they’re so extreme. People have a right to an opinion but I’ve had enough of these idiots. They’re a laughing stock."

Read the whole Buzzfeed coverage here...well worth reading
April 7th  2016 Yet another embarrassing Scottish Resistance "event", these people continue to make the Scottish Nation look stupid in the eyes of the World , how they must laugh at us when they see antics like this ?
"The Declaration of Glasgow"

Yet another Scottish Resistance Crowdfunding failure, well worth a read for the laughs
On a seperate theme, late last week a group of  Independence supporters decided to set up a camp  on a Public space and despite being advised they were breaking the law went ahead and did it anyway. (see a theme here ?)
Why are we not surprised ?  There seems to be an attitude amongst campaigners they are above the law of the land that their fellow Scots actually have to obey.

On the live broadcast from the camp, one camper said took the opportunity to challenge the SNP to dissolve Westminster. He said: "I'd like to ask the SNP this. All these seats you've got in Westminster, you can dissolve that parliament tomorrow. So if you're interested in Scottish independence, why are you not dissolving the parliament and letting Scotland be free?"

The Camp has now posted a video update , be sure to vote it up/down as per personal preferrence as i'm sure they really will appreciate the feedback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--h3k9H5c_c

Another  member of the group claimed that the Declaration of Arbroath - the 1320 letter which was sent to Pope John XXII affirming Scottish independence - superceded the 1707 Act of Union.
He said: "It's ours, it's always been ours. Scotland is independent. The Decoration of Arbroath's for all time, eternity. It's can't be overturned, it can't be changed, it even supercedes the Act of the Union. In Scotland, sovereignty lies with me and you. We're Kings and Queens of this land."

There seems to be something of a misunderstanding what the "Declaration of Arbroath" actually is or whether some of the campers have actually ever even read it.
Some explanation of it by clicking here   

The camp has now been served with a Sheriff Court Writ  enforcing them to leave by the afternoon of 10th December 2015  but will they obey the will of their elected Parliament  ?
Full article is available here

Indycamp conspiracy theorists finally find out their court action could have individual financial implications. " Indycampers may face financial ruin as Holyrood set sights on legal costs claim "

Read more by clicking on here here

Piers Doughty-Brown and Sean Clerkin have had a fallout

Piers Doughty-Brown side of the Story below



No Shit Sherlock ?

Piers has a theory on the Traffic Queue's at the New Queensferry Crossing ..idiot.

You mean that you sound like a bunch of Hate filled Fascists ? Your dead right there and you are.

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