Saturday, 11 February 2017

From Yes to No : A Tale of Three Referendums , Blogs from the Wee Flea

About ‘The Wee Flea’
My name is David Robertson and I am the minister of St Peters Free Church in Dundee Scotland.
I don’t claim any particular wisdom or expertise and value immensely the insights of others.  One piece of advice in reading these – please don’t read between the lines.  I write what I think (at least what is appropriate for the public arena!) and I try not to speak in code!  There is no ‘in between’. Please don’t read into what I say what is not there !

Part 1: The Fantasy
1 : Supporters of Scottish Independence should vote No if there is another Independence Referendum.
2 : The SNP has exchanged the idea of Scottish Independence for the fantasy of the progressive EU.
3 : Independence in Europe is not Independence.
4 : The EU is not the democratic, progressive Nirvana that the SNP propaganda machine and politicians publicly espouse.
5 : An Independent Scotland joining the EU is not the slam dunk deal the SNP keep telling us.
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Part 2 : The Nightmare 
1 : The SNP has chosen to ignore, mock and abuse, or allow to be abused, Scottish people who do not agree with their stance on the EU.
2 : Too much grandstanding on the world/European stage and not enough practical action on the council estates of Scotland.
3 : The SNP has being an increasingly authoritarian and anti-democratic party.
4 : The Scottish Government has also become authoritarian.
5 : A free society needs a free press
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Part 3 : The Dream
1 : Because of its Hubris and Short-Sightedness, the SNP are destroying the dream of Scottish Independence
2 : Such a Parcel of Rogues.
3  I still have a dream.
4 : The SNP should stop grandstanding and being delusional over Brexit.
5 : We need to start using the powers we have.
6 : Can we look for the Scottish Economic Opportunities on Brexit.
7 : Can we move away from dependence on the State sector, and multi-nationals and can we not encourage small business, local enterprise and local initiatives.
8 : Can we have a greater awareness of our society and cultural heritage and seek to support the greatest traditions of our past – including the centrality and importance of the family.
9 : Can we move away from the increasing centralisation to Edinburgh and Glasgow and instead have a greater re-distribution to local areas, and more local autonomy.
10 : Can we return to the basic principles of the Beveridge report. It set up our modern welfare state to deal with the Five Giants of Poverty, Ignorance, Disease, Squalor and Idleness.
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