Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sturgeon and the SNP's Brexit Lies

SNP does not intend rejoining the EU

" All leave voters are racists and bigots"

Jim Sillars has properly nailed Nicola Sturgeon to the Wall with her actions on Brexit
See the whole article here " Why Nicola Sturgeon's tongue is running ahead of her brain over Brexit.
" Her many official statements are based on a false interpretation of the referendum result.
Yes, 1.6million Scots voted for the UK to Remain with the EU, but there is no evidence that they made a side decision for an independent Scotland, through Indyref2, to re-join it, if England, Wales and Northern Ireland left it.
The referendum ballot paper posed a specific question and that alone was the one we answered."
Read more HERE Why Nicola Sturgeon's tongue is running ahead of her brain over Brexit: Jim Sillars
A former SNP minister has said he voted for a Brexit against the party's official position.
Alex Neil, who served in Nicola Sturgeon's cabinet, told The Daily Telegraph that he had decided to vote Leave ten days before the vote, and said other party MSPs had told him they had done the same.

SNP party policy was to remain in the European Union, and Nicola Sturgeon campaigned prominently for Remain before the June 23 referendum.But the Airdrie and Shotts parliamentarian was not convinced by the rhetoric and "scare campaign" of the Remain side, and decided to back a breakaway from Brussels.

"In the last ten days of the campaign I was persuaded and George Osborne just tipped me over with his emergency budget," he told the newspaper."I saw the scaremongering and there was no way I was going to endorse it. I was not going to vote for George Osborne and David Cameron's scare campaign."

He also argued the austerity enforced upon other member countries such as Portugal and Greece had pushed him towards his decision.

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Up to 40% of the SNP's membership may have voted LEAVE 
ALEX Salmond has dismissed "fanciful" claims from former cabinet minister Alex Neil that nearly 40 per cent of the SNP’s 120,000-strong membership supports Brexit and that there is widespread support for Leave among the party's MSPs.
Salmond spoke out after Neil's shock admission that he voted to Leave on June 23 - the biggest act of internal dissent at Holyrood faced by the party' in its nine years in power.
Although an estimated 36 per cent of SNP 'voters' opted to leave, the argument between Salmond and Neill centres on how 'members' of the party chose to cast their ballot

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