Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A special reminder of the SNP's deliberate gross over estimates of the future Oil price and revenues on the Indy Ref Manifesto designed to manipulate the will of a proud nation

Today (18th Sept 2015) is the 1st Anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum Vote ..a Vote which the SNP seems to have very quickly forgotten that it actually lost !!           (make beleive or what ?)

The SNP not only seem's to have forgotten that they lost the actual vote , they also have decided to completely ignore the fact of and have never apologised to the Nation for deliberately grossly over-estimating both the future price of a barrel of Oil  and also deliberately grossly over-estimating the potential future incoming Oil Revenue's (via taxation) into Scottish Government coffer's purely in order to dishonestly secure a win of the SNP's own idealogy driven Independence Referendum on deliberate false manipulation of Scottish Office Government genuine and openly published financial GERS data.
Is this what the Scots nation  really expects from a (supposedly responsible) Political Party in charge of and holding office to the nations infrastructure and finances ?
(make beleive or what ?)

Are these truly the actions of a "responsible Scottish Government" ? 
(make beleive or what ?)

The SNP themselves have so quickly chosen to ignore and forget their own  deliberate fabrications that they themselves decided to publish in their own "Independendence Manifesto" document called "Scotlands Future" that they have seem to have forgotten putting this item into  it at all too !!! 
(make beleive or what ?)  (click on the small text box at RHS bottom to enlarge it)

The SNP having forgotten all these falsifications and instructions of their own making have now also forgotten all about most of the SNP seniors saying that the past Independence Vote last 18th of  September 2014 was to be "Generational"  and now want to have a second Independence Referendum when they "feel like it" for a second time, thus forgetting that they also agreed to accept the Sovereign Will of the Nation when they agreed the date of the first Referendum. The SNP have also forgotten what they actually agreed was a "Referendum"  rather than a "Neverendum" where they just keep on holding vote after vote until they get the answer that they themselves want...only then it appears they will finally accept the Sovereign Will of the Nation. Why are they being allowed to get away with this when the actual Sovereign Will of the Nation  was already returned  very cleary as a  "NO" vote last 18 September 2014  ?    The evidence clearly demonstrates that the SNP simply DO NOT beleive in Democracy and think they have a God given right to ignore the result of a democratic vote result made by the nation. A Manipulative and Secretive authoritarian political party pretending to be a "Grassroots party of the People" the majority of which it routinely ignores the "Sovereign will of" whenever it likes ? (make beleive or what ?)

Does a Political Party that has clearly deliberately falsified, misled, lied and blatently blamed Westminster time and time again for its very own clear failures truly deserve to be running this country ?   (make beleive or what ?)

Do not ever forget what this Party is doing right now or how its senior people have been behaving and treating its own citizens when it comes to next years Scottish Government elections, do not forget the concerted  attempt at dishonest manipulation of a nation for its own Political ends nor its duplicity and utter contempt it has for its own published promises, a party that continually lies to its own people does not deserve any more time in Government.
For an apt  final special "Anniversary Celebration" of the SNP's deliberate manipulative behaviour and its deliberate excessive ,  over optimististic and irresponsible prediction's made for Scottish Oil Revenues made on its own Independence Manifesto Document "Scotlands Future" while attemping to deceive a whole Nation. Click right here

Further recent information
"With today’s price of oil an independent Scotland’s fiscal deficit would be around 10 per cent of GDP (Source: Getty)
The first anniversary of the Scottish referendum on independence seems a useful point at which to take stock of the economic issues that would be facing an independent Scotland if it had voted ‘Yes’ in the referendum. There were two key strands to the Scottish National Party’s economic strategy which indicate that a Yes vote would have resulted in austerity in an independent Scotland the likes of which has been rarely seen in a developed country and which would have plunged the country into a deep depression.
The fist strand related to the price of oil. This price is central to the amount of tax revenues an independent Scotland would garner and specifically the size of its fiscal deficit. At the time of the referendum, the key assumption made by the SNP was that the price of oil would remain in the region of the then $113 per barrel which would have given an independent Scotland a fiscal deficit of around five per cent of GDP.
However, since then the price of oil has fallen precipitously and at today’s price I estimate an independent Scotland’s fiscal deficit would be around 10 per cent of GDP. With some analysts predicting that the oil price will fall further to $20, this would of course increase the deficit further
To put it into context – the current austerity programme pursued by the Conservative government across the UK would be seen as a picnic compared to the retrenchment of the state and the loss of tax base facing an independent Scotland. Since the government of an independent Scotland would in all probability have to monetize its debt this would add an extra layer of pain.
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