Thursday, 17 September 2015

SNP leaving Scotland without any Power Stations ? Beyond Belief !!!

Why hasn't this issue  made much bigger news in the National conciousness and  caused outrage in Scotland (especially with Nationalists ) considering that its shows another major SNP policy failure in not having a strong varied energy plan beyond more Wind Farms that don't actually provide any energy when the wind does not blow, this means that in the not too distant future after Nuclear stations Torness and Hunterston close we in Scotland will have have to rely on imported energy from England for our own energy needs simply due to lack of intervention or a coherent Energy Policy from the SNP led Scottish Government ... hardly the measure of a "Strong Independent Country " is it ? The full text also gives details of a host of promises made by Alex Salmond relating to Scotland's power systems that have never come to fruition.
SNP stronger for Scotland ? Don't make me laugh. Typical SNP Deceipt and Duplicity.
All SNP voters , friends and aquaintances should be asking themselves how on earth an SNP energy policy that will require's our own Electricity supply needs to be imported from England can honestly be  acceptable ? The SNP have sold Scotlands Power Stations and Scotlands Power workers down the river and I hope people in those Working communities wake up and hold them responsible for it at the Ballot box. This is not Westminsters fault at all , the whole blame  lies firmly and steadfastly with the SNP's failure to have provided a realistic Electricity supply policy and hold Iberdola to account. Yet its only excuse it to try to blame Westminster...pitiful !!
Power giant soaks up subsidy but cuts and runs at first sight of costs, with SNP connivance, writes Brian Wilson
I am not easily shocked these days and outrage should be saved for special occasions. However, the sound of Fergus Ewing, energy minister at Holyrood, on radio was enough to awaken…well, shock and outrage.
Consider the scenario. A multinational company which bought into a great Scottish industry has betrayed its promises, is about to prematurely close one plant with the loss of 270 quality jobs and renege on construction of another, thereby turning Scotland into a large-scale importer of a commodity of which it has long been a substantial exporter.
I can think of no previous occasion on which, in such circumstances, a Scottish minister of any political colour would not be fighting to reverse these decisions; using the levers of government to achieve that outcome; and would be taking to the airwaves only in order to challenge the morality and legitimacy of what was being done......... "

" A large part of Iberdrola’s UK customer base is in the north-west of England and north Wales, as a result of Scottish Power having bought Manweb in 1995. They also have extensive generation interests in these areas – and therein lies another aspect of this sorry tale. Iberdrola are investing in the Western Link sub-sea cable between Hunterston and Holyhead. For Scottish consumption, this was presented as a means of exporting Scottish renewables.
For other audiences, the story is reversed. The Western Link will be capable of importing 3.9 gigawatts of power into Scotland, equating to 70 per cent of maximum winter demand. With Longannet and Cockenzie closed, not to mention Hunterston and Torness thereafter, Scotland will become massively dependent on electricity produced in England from coal, gas and nuclear power. What a triumph for Scottish Nationalism.

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Brian Wilson closes with the statement . ".....workers in Fife and East Lothian, along with the wider Scottish economic interest, are being sacrificed in return for yet another bogus point of grievance, while Iberdrola laugh all the way to the bank.
What’s Spanish for: “What a bunch of patsies”?
Nicola Sturgeon side-lined her own energy experts while drawing up plans to keep Scotland’s lights on.
Mr Wilson, who is a director of the Options for Scotland, said “words fail me” over the Scottish Government’s approach to the SEAB.“Why did it prepare an energy strategy without taking advice from its own body? There is a dangerous vacuum here and no sign that the Government is concerned about security of power supply in Scotland. This should be its first priority."                                                                                                  Just another example of Sturgeon failing to be "Better for Scotland" and making her own flawed decisions without consulting Scottish Governments own experts.
Warning Scotland will have to import energy from England

SCOTLAND will become dependent on energy imported from England unless it can move away from "emotional and politically motivated" rows over wind farms, nuclear power and fracking, one of the country's leading engineers has warned.
Full article on this Link

As the Scottish People should be well used to by now .....rather than taking full due responsibility for this happening themselves the SNP are trying to make the most of yet another invented point of grievance by blaming the UK Government's Carbon policy connection charges to the Grid for the closure of Longannet.
However this is simply another big lie because the SNP is clearly recorded as stating that after the last General Election it would press the UK to adopt even stricter SNP Climate change policy targets than the RUK actually has itself so once again can seen to be merely trying to pass the blame for its very own failures in Government.
Worst of all is the ridiculous situation where this failure actually means that Scotland in the future will actually be reliant on importing Electricity from England at the same time as the SNP continues to try engineer its own maniputive clandestine escape from what it likes to call the "emperial powers" that it will actually have to rely on for its own energy supplies due to its own incompetant failures in Government ....don't Nationalist voters have anything so say on that or does the SNP Cults following now merely bow and acquiesce to their SNP false idols ?
Perhaps the Proclaimers need to re-write the words " Longannet No More, Cockenzie No more" into the lyrics of "Letter from America " before SNP voters start to wake up to how the SNP are directly to blame for killing off once proud Scottish Industrial Infrastructure through its acquiescence to "Big Business" ?

SEE this LINK for the truth of SNP's own statement on how it wanted the RUK government to adopt the SNP's OWN  more stringent Powers Station destroying Carbon targets.
The UK could adopt a new set of climate targets in line with Scotland's current emissions and clean energy goals targets, if the SNP holds the balance of power during the next parliament.
The nationalist party today published its manifesto, which promises to use its influence on a future UK government to ensure the rest of the country matches and supports Scotland's goal of cutting CO2 emissions 42 per cent on 1990 levels by the end of the decade, en route to an 80 per cent reduction by 2050.  The loss of Longannet and no promised replacement for Cockenzie is the fault of the SNP and the SNP alone.
How the SNP's Green Policies Sealed Longannets fate : In a brazen-necked performance in the Scottish Parliament, SNP Energy Minister Fergus Ewing (pictured) told us that the closure was principally due to National Grid’s transmission charging regime, which penalised Scottish producers.... See....
SNP’s hypocrisy on Longannet closure ‘shameless’. "Scotland’s energy minister has been criticised for his “hypocrisy” over why the Longannet power station in Fife is set to close.
“It was utterly predictable that the SNP would rush to blame Westminster for the closure of a Scottish power station.
“But the fact is the high transmission costs the Scottish Government are citing are partly driven by its own obsession for expensive and unreliable wind energy. See.....
More of Fergus Ewing's excuses and diversions from taking responsibility exposed here

The SNP of course also campaigned as being "Anti-Fracking" in the Independence Referendum whilst at the very same time behind the Scottish Nations backs was telling the Big companies involved it wasn't actually against Fracking at all.
"The Scottish Government has given assurances that it is "not against fracking", according to the boss of a firm which runs Scotland's largest petrochemical plant."
See the full story here :

The SNP were also negiotiating behind the Nations backs with the Company (Cluff Resources) behind another potentially dangerous and unproven energy plan ...Coal Bed Gasification which involves setting fire to the underground Coal beds under the River Forth area with unknown and untested consequences .

While a "moratorum" has been put in place for Fracking in the meantime due to the Political backlashes and fallout of being seen to have been double dealing by the SNP, a moratorium is only a temporary postphonement NOT a permanent ban in place yet at all.

When are voters going to wake up to the fact the SNP hasn't been honest and upfront with its energy planning by going against obvious widespread Public opinion and having discussions on these projects with "Big Business" behind the Nations backs ?