Sunday, 20 September 2015

More "Politics of Grievance" from the SNP on the "Vow" and "Triggers" shown to be utter rubbish.

Of course none of us by now should be surprised that the SNP, because they are so bereft of coherent policies on real issues  that  actually benefit Scotland that they just continue to make things up to try to continue to  attempt to drive further division within the population without offering anything positive or achievable for them.

Spreading the pitiful "Politics of Grievance" is a cheap option , something where you don't actually have to be able to show that you have made a positive difference or show your goals to improve Scottish lives but a method of only continuing to blame others for your very own lack of ideas and failures in policy that the nation simply doesn't want, has very clearly already voted on and rejected.

The SNP latest triggers are merely "excuses" made up to allow for not calling another Indy Referendum in the near to medium term but yet allowing the SNP to try to escape criticism for this by attempting to suggest that by waiting for one or more of the triggers to be broken would somehow give it a greater chance of winning a second Independence Referendum which is highly unlikely. The majority of the Scottish electorate rejected the SNP Independence Plan on the wholly ridiculous financial predictions made made on the back of Oil riches by SNP's seniors that were simply unrealistic made up ridiculous fantasy. Since those predictions published on the Independence Manifesto the fall in Oil price and the increasing costs of operating in the North Sea have made Oil Tax revenues received shrink to the lowest levels in decades, the result of this means the Scottish Government spending budget is now around £9 billion in deficit and likely to stay at this level for many years unless there is  very quick turn around in the Oil price and this is also sustained for some time. The SNP refuses to say how it would fill this spending deficit if it took on either "Full Fiscal Responsibility" or full "Independence" as it would most likely mean high Tax rises and even much greater spending cuts to services and also welfare support than the Tories have ever inflicted on Scotland.
The purpose of the "triggers" are merely an attempt to stem potential falling SNP support for not pursuing a second Indyref campaign immediately (as demanded by followers) as well as an effort to try to use them to encourage voters to continue to vote SNP again in the forthcoming Holyrood elections to keep them in power for another 5 year session in their well paid jobs. If they don't succeed then much of the Independence arguement will be much diminished so regardless of the financial situation the SNP has to try to feed supporters with hope to keep the SNP train rolling along. Any sign the SNP are not actually pursuing Independence will see members leaving in droves.

Watch Andrew Neil taking bumbling Stewart Hosie apart here trying to explain how a set of SNP invented "triggers of grievance" supposedly could allow the SNP to try to call another second Independence Referendum. What can be is clearly seen here is that few of them (if any) actually demonstrate any real substance, as polls and data already in existence show that Scots already more or less agree with their English counterparts on many of them.  Click here for the video clip. 

Another "invented" SNP grievance is the one that somehow that the "Vow" made during Indyref is now being broken where once yet again on the viewable video Stewart Hosie cannot produce any item at all that was published on the actual vow that hasn't been met but merely tries to include other completely separate soundbites said by ministers at the time and tries to include them into the Vow hmself. This is another commonly used SNP tactic to brainwash its followers, take several different pieces of data or issues and join them into one for your own propaganda ends.
Hardly honest is it ? Why are SNP followers so easily fooled ?
The SNP's deliberate method of trying to spread division and grievance in the nation is a very visible  widespread internal policy demonstrated clearly again in another excellent written blog on the rubbish the SNP are spouting about the vow being broken ...yet when any official in the SNP is asked what has been broken, not one  of them can list anything that actually has.

SNP MP Martyn Day's quote in the text on the blog clearly shows the same SNP plan to sow division alone as being one of the SNP's main tools in campaigning for its own success. What it does in fact show is that the SNP actually have little to offer other than misrepresentation and the flawed promise that Independence would be a good thing for Scotland. (Yet they refuse to explain  how the £9bn and rising spending deficit will be funded. (Unwanted large Tax rises and even more Welfare and support spending cuts for the Scottish Public perhaps that the Tories ever inflicted ?)

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