Saturday, 10 October 2015

The best webpages around for honest data, Nat meme busting and opinions on the Scottish economy.

The first of them (and the "most technical" if you choose to dig deeply) is Kevin Hagues  "Chokkablog" presentations of the figures on the Scottish Indy Manifesto Financials without offering any judgement or personal suggestions of how a vote should have been cast at that time. (Bear in mind this presentation was prepared some months ago so the figures given will have become worse due to the ongoing falling Oil price issues.)
His presentation starts with a quick overview video and then follows up with a more detailled
and enlightening set of presentations on the figures regarding Scotland long running fiscal deficit and how that figure would affect "FFA" (Full Fiscal Autonomy) , its affect on Independence as well as how any financial shotfall might possibly have to be dealt with and the possible potential time periods involved to balance Scotlands large financial deficit.
Clich here for the Video's Click here to start Kevin Hagues excellent video presentations

Kevin's Chokkablog Homepage can be found here

The "Gers" figures which are trustworthy Scottish national statistics compiled by the Scottish Government itself are explained again here

What is FFA ?

These texts are all the work of Kevin Hague who has a very wide following from people on both sides of the Independence arguement.
(See the long list of "endorsements" from Economists and Yes supporters on his Blog here

Kevin produced a commissioned report worth reading called     The Price of Independence with data links to Scotttish Governments own financial data.

(Kevin can be followed via his Blog or via Twitter. Help to inform as many other people by highlighting Kevins videos to them too.)
The second is Fraser Whyte's Blog which contains some great dissection of SNP political doublespeak and those often repeated false Nat memes (good articles here particularly on "The Vow" and "WingsOverScotland" false information Nat memes )

Third up is the "Live Red, White and Blue Book" written by a previous SNP voter whose "Introduction include's   "I was startled by the cynicism of such an obviously manipulative and deceptive ploy by the SNP, a party that I voted for at Holyrood, and I feared for the consequences of our country when false hope turned to anger and despair.

Open the link and scroll down the page for the texts
Lots of good recurring subjects often used by Nats to falsely argue the case for Independence are commented on and are explained in full very well.
Another is I have no idea who writes this but all the articles are well informed, well written, wry and guaranteed I reckon to appeal to all Unionists.
There are lots of "Wings articles" on past lies and abuse here
And don't forget of course  

With some other Specific subjects here  
There are two other useful pages here  

and here  

Please share these as much as you can , the more brainwashed Nats they reach the better as there is only so much "evidence" they can continue to deny when its put before them.