Monday, 12 October 2015

Press censorship and paranioa now exists in Scotland, a pitiful sign for Scotlands future

Press censorship has begun in Scotland , how long till the Black Shirts are seen on the streets ? 

BBC conspiracy bias is a Nationalist delusion
Yes Campaign Chief says BBC referendum coverage was not biased 

Despite the SNP apparently not enjoying too much being compared to the Facists of the past the SNP's leader Sturgeon today made another jackbooted step forwards in trying to exert absolute control of the SNP's hoped for Single Party State in Scotland despite the Nation itself voting a clear NO in the Independence Referendum in September 2014.
The "Dear Leader" (not) of the SNP cult seperatist political party today tried to make out she is speaking for all of the Scots nation when attempting to wrest control of BBC Scotland and its assets away from National control and into the SNP's grubby interfering, indoctrinising and controlling hands.

As with most would be Dictators she too knows that control over a countries media would allow you to brainwash, indocrinate and run roughshod over the will of a nation, whether or not the controlling Political Party ever won a mandate to do so or not at the Ballot box. This must be stopped for sake of Scotland and its nation, enough is enough, there are enough failures within Scottish Government alreadly without allowing this too happen as well.

SNP Seperatist Party Control of the BBC Scotland must be avoided at all costs ..why is it that Political Parties that don't like being called Fascists behave like...well Fascists really ? Have they become so blinded by their own ideaology that they can't see what their own actions actually is the real behaviour of ?

This is yet another example of the SNP attacking something it loathes to try to gain power and control over something whenever it doesn't get it's own political free will, the SNP bullied, blamed ,attacked and criticised the BBC and its Journalists throughout both the whole Independence and General Election Campaign's. Just because BBC Scotland doesn't become your puppet and agree with and publicise the SNP parties political propaganda for its own ends doesn't mean that it is the enemy to be worked over until submission to be used as a Seperatist Party Political tool.
Just because the SNP Seperatist Political Party tries to assert that the BBC is biased against it, that does not mean that it is actually fact ! The SNP has an obvious self interest in trying to spread this accusation for its own political ends.


Some examples of why the SNP must never be allowed to interfere or gain control of the BBC in Scotland

Lord Steel of Aikenwood said broadcasters have told him that “SNP heavies” contact them so regularly trying to influence their coverage that it is verging on “intimidation”.
He said he has also been informed the Nationalists make more complaints to journalist news rooms than all the other political parties combined.
The former Liberal leader and Scottish Parliament presiding officer delivered the extraordinary attack during a House of Lords debate on the Government’s plans to devolve new powers to Holyrood.
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Scotland's previous First Minister Alex Salmond compared Ric Bailey, the corporation's chief political adviser (CPA) in London, to a Nazi bureaucrat for vetoing an appearance as a pundit ahead of the Calcutta Cup rugby match on February 4 in which England beat Scotland.
He complained he had been booked by Carl Hicks, editor of BBC TV Sport, but the corporation made it clear that the first contact came from the First Minister.
The SNP leader had also tried to feature in BBC Scotland’s rugby coverage and to set up an interview for himself on Radio Five Live.
The BBC said it rejected all three offers as the match was “not an appropriate setting” for Mr Salmond to appear if the corporation was to retain its neutrality, especially given the current debate over independence.
Mr Salmond called Mr Bailey a "gauleiter", a Nazi Party regional leader, and accused the corporation of acting like a “tinpot dictatorship”.
A similar suggestion that the First Minister might take part in BBC Radio Scotland's rugby coverage had already been declined. Radio Five Live also turned down the offer of an interview with the First Minister following advice from the CPA.”
Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, said: "So, now it appears that the BBC is a 'tinpot dictatorship' populated by 'gauleiters' simply for saying no to the First Minister as he shamelessly hawks himself from programme to programme demanding unfettered access to the nation's airwaves."
John Park, Labour MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said: "The SNP had us believe that an invitation from the BBC had been withdrawn. Now it transpires that it was actually Alex Salmond who demanded to get his face on the TV in the first place.Our national broadcaster is not there to give him free publicity.” For more information see