Monday, 12 October 2015

The SNP simply doesn't believe in real true democracy but actually believes in minority rule.

I found this article today that holds many quotes that ring true with me about the SNP and what i feel are is its singular simplistic pursuit of political Power for only its own leaders benefit in pursuing a Single Party State (not that uncommon with Natzism too wasn't it ?) while saying it pursues "Pro Business" policies and yet claiming it is a "grassroots" party "led by the people for the people" there are many i think would would consider the two statements there an oxymoron in their own right. Interesting words quoted here though in reference to a book by David Torrance which clearly demonstates the hprocrisy of the SNP where the party's own leaders often state restrictions and vetoes that they want to impose on other organisations ideas that it actually opposes being applied to similar policies of its own...the SNP is duplicious and self-serving yet likes to promote itself (in its own inward looking eyes) as "progressive", it's leaders cannot see their own hyprocrisy in their own observable and widespread behaviour.

"Ms Sturgeon has proposed that Scotland (or Wales or Northern Ireland) should be able to veto a majority vote in an EU referendum. But she applies that only vetoing a vote to leave; she doesn’t want anyone to veto a vote to stay in. Torrance argues against that idea. He claims that’s the same logic as if England, Scotland or Wales should have had a veto over the Scottish vote in the 2014 referendum.
But surely the point is that no part of the whole has the right to overrule the whole. No minority has the right to veto a majority decision. Democrats believe in majority rule; the SNP believes in minority rule. The whole British people have the right to decide the major constitutional questions of national unity and national independence, whether we are to stay united or be divided and whether we are to be in the EU or not.
As a nation we believe that an overall majority of the votes cast across Britain as a whole should decide whether we leave the EU. In March 2015 a survey by a team from Edinburgh University found that people across the UK oppose Sturgeon’s call for multiple vetoes on a British exit from the EU. Clear majorities in England (68 per cent), Northern Ireland (60 per cent), Wales (64 per cent) and Scotland (55 per cent) disagree with the Scottish first minister.
Sturgeon and Salmond have constantly asserted that “Constitutional referendums are once-in-a-generation events.” So SNP policy is that we have no right to have a referendum on the EU. It thinks that the 1975 referendum was too recent to be repeated.
However, Sturgeon and the SNP believe that the 2014 Scottish referendum is not too recent to be repeated as soon as next year. The SNP has not ruled out promising another referendum in its manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary election of May 2016. If the SNP won that election, it could call another referendum before the end of 2016.
A generation is a short time in SNP politics.

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